Web Services

At Boston Techies we understand each business has unique needs and IT requirements.We tailor our Managed IT services to meet our client’s needs, size and goals.

Website Development

We build sustanaible IT infrastructures that supports our client's business goals.

Intranet Development

Physical to virtual server migrations. Linux or Windows on VMWare or Hyper-V hosts.

Static Websites

Logical network mapping, IP subnetting, Routers, Switches and Server configuration.

Domain management

Seamless email migration from in-house exchange servers to Office 365 or Google Apps.


Protection against viruses, Spam, and phishing emails. Outbound/Inbound email scanning.

Web Hosting

Protection against viruses, Spam, and phishing emails. Outbound/Inbound email scanning.

Technical SEO

Design and implementation of new office or data center network cables.

Our Web Development Process

  • Discovery

    The first step is to learn about your company and how it works. Website development is not just about design & code. It is about solving problems for our clients. This phase we create a solid plan to provide the best possible web platform that will work best for our client and their customers.

  • Site Wireframes

    Page wireframes are created for all pages. We use Balsamiq HQ to create sketch type layouts of how your content can be organized on your website. This is an essential part of the website development process as it prioritizes your content on your website. Page wireframes gets the ball rolling and sets the "blueprint" of the entire project before the designs are created.

  • Design Comps

    Designs for all pages created in Adobe XD and provided in PDF format. We custom design all our web design projects and do not use predesigned templates. This gives you a custom look for your website and allows the site to look exactly how you need it to look. Typically, multiple versions of the website homepage is provided and then we combine all the best features of the designs provided into one main design.

  • Development

    Development. Coding of designs into the live product. We create a development version of your site that is hidden from public view. The designs are coded into a mobile / responsive style so that your website looks good on all devices. Your site is tested from page to page and adjustments are made until the site is perfected.

  • Testing & Adjustments

    Your site is tested from page to page and adjustments are made until the site is perfected.

  • SEO

    Implement remaining SEO scope to the developed website. Much of the Search Engine Optimization task are performed during development. During this phase we make the final implementations to the site so that is is viewed favorable by search engines.

  • Site Launch

    Training, Ongoing Support, & SEO

Insights from the blog

Static vs Dynamic Websites

In this post I will go through the difference between a static and dynamic website and in what scenario one approach is better than the other. So, what’s a static website? A static website is a website that is self-contained. A static website does not need external dependencies like a web server, database or a scripting language like PHP to run. In a static website all files are self-contained in folder that can be executed only using a web browser.


Building an Online Audience

Hi Michael, It was nice conversing with you at the Cambridge office this week. for me it was surprising learning that you have a PhD in philosophy, what a pleasant surprise knowing that you are a ‘lover of wisdom” too. Now that I know that you are a lover of wisdom, I want to share this insight I just had around this concept of “collaboration” that I often hear people specially in tech talk about all the time.