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What Collaboration Really Means

Definitions. Collaboration is working together to create something new in support of a shared vision. The key points are that it is not through individual effort, something new is created, and that the glue is the shared vision. Coordination is sharing information and resources so that each party can accomplish their part in support of a mutual objective. It is about teamwork in implementation. Not creating something new. Cooperation is important in networks where individuals exchange relevant information and resources in support of each other’s goals, rather than a shared goal.


A New Year a New Posibility

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Why Open Source software is good for you

The term Open Source was invented in 1998 when the Open Source Initiative (OSI ) organization was created. The term was coined to make the movement more business-friendly than the already established “Free Software” movement which is more a political social movement. Open Source simply means that the source code that makes a program is included in the package distribution so anybody can make changes to such program. That is the difference between Open Source and commercial software where you only get the built product, and only the creator of such product can make changes to it.


Static vs Dynamic Websites

In this post I will go through the difference between a static and dynamic website and in what scenario one approach is better than the other. So, what’s a static website? A static website is a website that is self-contained. A static website does not need external dependencies like a web server, database or a scripting language like PHP to run. In a static website all files are self-contained in folder that can be executed only using a web browser.


Building an Online Audience

Hi Michael, It was nice conversing with you at the Cambridge office this week. for me it was surprising learning that you have a PhD in philosophy, what a pleasant surprise knowing that you are a ‘lover of wisdom” too. Now that I know that you are a lover of wisdom, I want to share this insight I just had around this concept of “collaboration” that I often hear people specially in tech talk about all the time.