Hi Michael,

It was nice conversing with you at the Cambridge office this week. for me it was surprising learning that you have a PhD in philosophy, what a pleasant surprise knowing that you are a ‘lover of wisdom” too.

Now that I know that you are a lover of wisdom, I want to share this insight I just had around this concept of “collaboration” that I often hear people specially in tech talk about all the time.

and just for a little context, at Accion, we spent around $500k on an Intranet that nobody use, and we are now promoting tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack as the ticket for breaking silos in the organization.

And it just dawn on me that “Collaboration” has nothing to do with technology or processes, but primarily on people having a “reason” for coming together and work toward that goal.

So without a shared goal there can't be any collaboration.

So as we implement or promote collaborative tools like SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc, we need to keep in mind that these tools won't have the perceived value we think they have if the people using them don't have a reason to use them.

BTW, my second name is “Nelson” so outside of Accion I go as “Nelson Amaya”

I've been blogging since around 2006. I built a couple of successful blogs that I sold for a good chunk of money, so I'm pretty savvy in online marketing.

My current IT blog https://ittutorials.net which needs a little bit of TLC as I don't write as often as I used to, gets around 60K unique eyeballs a month.

Please keep in touch, my goal is to become a successful entrepreneur as you are!

Have a nice weekend! Nelson ( Jose )